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Stockton was known in earlier years as Delanti, and was seriously considered for the county seat. It was a bustling little community with agriculture and forestry products as the major industries.

Abel Thompson came to Stockton in 1812 and purchased land including where the Hotel stands at present time. He originally built a log tavern. Later he built a frame building which burned down and part of the foundation of this old building forms part of the present Stockton Hotel that stands today.

Later, Abel Thompson sold his tavern. The tavern was subsequently operated as the Crissey House and the Miller House. Samuel M. Crissey owned the property, and Levi Miller then erected the current hotel in 1899. The Hotel had twelve guest rooms, a parlor, a dining room and kitchen. In the early years a horse drawn carriage shuttled guests over the hill from Cassadaga. The carriage step seen in early photographs made loading easier and kept the passengers above the often muddy street. Across the street (to the east) from the hotel stood several small businesses, including a general store, the post office, ice cream parlor and a barber shop. Time and weather were less kind to those structures. They became dilapidated and had to be taken down and turned into a community park.

Today the hotel has a new floor plan, the dining room has changed only slightly to allow for newer, modern restrooms and the tavern area was enlarged. The upstairs was opened up and is now used for our banquet room and includes a dining area, restrooms, bar, and lounge area and additional kitchen space.

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