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The Fredonia Fire Department has a paid Fire Chief, 7 Career Firefighter/Paramedics, 2 Career Firefighter/EMT’s, 3 part time Firefighter/Paramedics and approximately 90 Volunteers, some of which are also Paramedics and EMT's. We provide advanced life support 24/7. The Department has 3 Pumpers E-12, E-14, E-15, (1) 118' E-One Bronto Ladder Tower- Tower-18, 1 Tanker TA-11, 1 Heavy rescue/Air truck R-11, 1 ALS Ambulance R-12, 1 medium duty ALS Ambulances R-15, and 1 BLS Ambulance R-14, 1 Large Miscellaneous truck M-15, 2 small miscellaneous truck M-10, and M-14 and our Fire Chief’s vehicle, Car-11. The Department operates out of one large central station. The command structure is one paid Chief, 1 Volunteer Assistant Chief, 1 Captain, 1 Career Lieutenant 2 Volunteer Lieutenants, 1 Safety Officer, an Accountability Officer and 2 officers that plan training. Our district ranges from urban to rural, including 16 miles of interstate 90, a NYS college campus, many industries and housing complexes. Part of our district also touches the shores of Lake Erie. We have many 3 and 4 story buildings as well as an 11 story building on campus. We have a large downtown business district and cover a combined population of about 22,000 people in the Village, campus and the surrounding Town. Our own Fredonia Fire Dispatch is frequency is 45.600 call sign WPRX-448. The department answers 2,000 plus calls per year.

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