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A cottage industry in Western New York State, the Borsari Food Company makes a brand of seasoning salt it bills as the world's best.

In addition to the original black label seasoning salt, the Lakewood, NY based business also produces a citrus salt, and an orange-ginger salt. Borsari also has a line of four separate seasoning packets made specifically for steak, pork, fish and chicken. According to Elizabeth "Betsy" Morando, coowner, the original black label Borsari seasoning salt remains the company's best seller.

Borsari's seasoning salts are made from a mix of salt and herbs in small batches after an age-old Bolognese recipe. Only fresh, whole herbs, garlic, basil and gourmet ground salts are used to create Borsari's intriguing blend of freshness, taste and aroma. Borsari seasonings do not contain preservatives or dehydrated ingredients.

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