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At Barnes Greenhouses, our legacy is in every plant. Our story begins when Pat and Dolores Barnes purchased a greenhouse in 1959. They had no way of knowing that this beginning would become the livelihood for the next three generations (and counting) of their family! They worked hard, focused on growing high-quality plants, and shared their talents with their young family along the way.

Upon returning in 1971 from his tour in Vietnam, Brian Barnes rejoined the family business and remains an active part of it today. Brian remembers the early days and appreciates the technological advances that have helped the family expand their venture. He remembers his young nephew, Jarratt, who lived in Florida and visited every summer. “He just liked this,” Brian recalls. The boy grew into the business, and Brian remarks with pride on how the business now grows in the hands of a capable and diligent man. “Jarratt is willing to try new things,” Brian shares. “He’s taken a few chances, tried new things, and scored quite a few touchdowns. If you don’t keep evolving, there’s nothing worth having to pass down to future generations.”

For Brian’s sister, Sharon, and many long-time customers, the greenhouse hasn’t been the same since Grandma Barnes (Dolores) passed on. She was masterful with the plants and greatly enjoyed by the customers. Though not quite with the flair that Grandma had, her knowledge and methods continue to influence our work, and will for generations to come.

Today, Jarratt and Chere Tunstall carry on the traditions that began with Jarratt’s grandparents.  They’ve also worked to expand and improve the greenhouse by pursuing different technological advances to increase efficiency in plant management and individual plant health. The Tunstalls continually strive to shape Barnes Greenhouses to supply exceptional plants for their customers, and to be strong enough to carry on through the next generation, should they choose to carry on the family tradition.

This is the foundation Barnes Greenhouses stands on today.

Though the business has largely centered around wholesale customers, the Barnes family values the local community and appreciates each customer that stops by. Everyone at Barnes cares about making sure each plant is the best quality it can be. We work right alongside our staff at every step so we see and communicate through each phase of every planting. Our goal is to make sure all of the plants we sell are problem free. Regardless of if you are buying a truckload of plants or a single four-pack, you can rest assured it has been grown with innovation, attention to detail, and a knowledge of plants that encompasses three generations of
experience and integrity.

We look forward to helping you find exactly the right plants to hold your legacy.

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